Professional Home Downsizing Services in Charlotte, NC

Downsize & Organize

Simplify your day-to-day living when you downsize to a smaller home. As we get older, we may need to take on a lighter workload, and fewer responsibilities—which is why finding a suitable property and moving to a house with all your needs can be a good choice.

Whether you need help with decluttering or organizing, you can count on The Real Estate Transition Team. Our company offers professional home downsizing services in Charlotte, NC.

Before we say anything else on this matter, we want you to know that every one of our project ambassadors has been charged with the task of helping their own parents with a downsize. So when we say we understand, we mean, we truly understand!

Senior Downsizing Projects

Each of our project ambassadors has been tasked with helping their parents downsize, so when we say we understand, you can be confident that we indeed do! Let your elderly loved ones move homes comfortably with our senior downsizing services.

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Downsizing Process

Initial Consultation: We LISTEN to you and ask questions to understand your priorities.

  • Gather information to understand better how you use your space.

  • Advise and educate on the benefits of clearing space for comfort and safety.

  • Prioritize rooms that need attention.

  • Work with you to organize areas and declutter, starting with the easy things first.

  • Create a new space plan to help you decide what works in your new home.

Downsize: Our professional team can help you decide.

  • Create a new space plan for your current or future home. 

  • Decide which items serve your needs and which ones can find a new home.

  • Research value and monetize items through our online, local, or estate sales network

  • Disperse items to family, friends, or a charity of your choice.

Complete Clear Out: When it’s time for everything to go, it’s gone.

  • Donate furniture to a charity of your choice so a new family can enjoy it.

  • Discard or recycle unwanted items.

  • Arrange for trash pickup.

  • Thoroughly clean and clear your home in preparation for a sale.