Tammra did an excellent job at every step.  She looked after every detail: staging, advertising, promoting, etc. In addition to the sale in a rapidly changing market, we really appreciated Tammra’s “Real Estate Transition Team”; a team that made our move possible and a lot smoother than it could have been, including packing, moving, managing an estate sale, donating discarded items, trash removal and house cleaning.

We are more than pleased with the condo sale and our move into our rental apartment near our sold condo and with the amazing helpful assistance at every stage by Tammra’s RE Transition Team. She and her capable team awed us with their care and help!

Thank you! 

Nabil & Mary

Tammra and her team came in after an unsuccessful listing and helped us present our home in the best light. Tammra listened to our plan and our hopeful timeline. The move to our new home was a significant downsize and we were a little overwhelmed with what to do with a household of furniture. Tammra’s team hosted a very successful traditional and on-line estate sale. She has a keen eye for how to present a house in its best light. With all of the unwanted furniture sold or donated, her team staged our entire home! We sold in just days! We highly recommend!     Margie C.

We just can’t say enough about Tammra and her team. She has helped us with three moves! We have used her for staging, a home sale, a purchase, and a referral out of state. Our home sale was beautifully staged and our estate sale exceeded our expectations. Having to pack and move several times in a short period of time is stressful, we don’t know what we would have done without her guidance and professional team of movers and home prep team.
Elaine and Greg G.

Having bought and sold many houses over the years, we have worked with many good (and even great) realtors. However, those realtors were great within the 2 dimensions of their job—they were excellent realtors who did a great job as a realtor. What truly sets you apart from anyone else we have worked with is your drive to achieve 2 goals—(1) make the process as smooth and painless (as it can be) for your client (us), and (2) to sell the house for the highest price. You take the happiness of your clients and the success of the process personally—it is not just a job for you. This “above-and-beyond” that you bring is truly a 3rd dimension that I have never seen with any other realtor. So what does the above mean? I have lost count of the things you did to help us (but I will try and list a few): – Going out with my wife to many (many) places (over many days) to help her select tile, paint, countertops, etc. so we could upgrade our kitchen, paint the house (inside and out), etc. – Helping call, select and meet with people to help us do the needed improvements before listing (from painting, to floors, to tile, to countertops, etc., etc.) – Coming over to help us move things as we got ready for listing (on weekends, evenings etc.)—no job too big, no job too small (from taking apart one of our kid’s loft/bunk beds, to sweeping the floor—literally) – ALWAYS being accessible when we needed things (and I know I am detailed-oriented, so I have a LOT of questions and ideas) – Helping us stage our house to make it beyond perfect (after we hired the GREAT stager you brought in—we will use her again for designing the house we build), including lending us your own things to add the perfect finishing touches to the staging (you almost didn’t get back those chairs you lent us for our balcony . . . ) – When the unexpected came up (oil tank, what oil tank!)—you (first) calmed me down and then started calling all the firms that could have sealed it 22 years ago, before tracking down the people we bought our house from and convincing the wife to write us an email saying they had dealt with it (on the weekend when she was having a wedding shower—I don’t know HOW you did that!!!) The items above are just a few of the “above-and-beyond” things that you did for us every week before and during our listing. However, what I also valued immensely was your honesty and integrity. It was important that you shared your opinions with us and didn’t just tell us what we wanted to hear. I know I questioned some of your suggestions (staging that one room as a dining room comes to mind), but they always turned out to be the right decision in hind-sight and I am so glad we listened.


Jack and Kitty Wagler

Tammra is just an excellent person and an equally awesome agent. She went through a lot of hurdles and took additional responsibilities on her shoulder to make sure everything was done on a timely manner!! I will be calling her again on my next house!

Jitendra Jain

Tammra is the most energetic, knowledgeable and hard-working realtor that anyone could employ to buy or sell their real estate. I highly recommend her.

Robert O